• What’s this blog about

Just my thoughts on few things.

  • Can you Answer my legal queries


  • How come a lawyer is so much interested in IT ?

More of a hobby.

  • What’s with Mr. Phoolka’s Blog ?

Well, I am associated wit Mr. Phoolka’s office. During a general discussion on web 2.0, I conveyed that I assist some lawyers with their sites, blog and twitter. Mr. Phoolka was looking to start a blog. I volunteered.

  • So you help lawyer’s with their website ?

As I said, more of a hobby. I assist in whatever way I can.

  • You get paid ?

Not really a deciding factor.  I would do it, if I like the project.

  • Am not a lawyer, and don’t want to spend money paying. Would you help me ?

Sure. As I said, you must be doing something interesting. It would be nice, if you are doing some social work.

  • My client has not paid me my dues. Can you help me ?
  • The cheque I got bounced. What do I do ?
  • I want to get my property mutated. Whats the procedure ?
  • I am being harassed at work. I need help.
  • I need my agreement vetted.
  • I have a legal query.

All of above and related questions have some legal relevance. I would therefore advise you to seek proper legal advise. I would love to answer your queries, but I would charge.

  • So, whats your fees like ?

Depends on the matter. Can’t answer that in FAQs 🙂

  • Ok, so you teach too ?

Yeah. At my Alma Mater.  This is perhaps the most satisfying experience of all.

  • My question is not there in FAQ

Ask ….


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