something wrong in the Bihar’s MLA’s death


Sometime back there was this news article that talked about the death of a MLA. The report and further analysis of the report also stated that the woman had filed a complaint of Rape against the MLA and his staff and that the woman had later withdrawn the complaint.

Now there is something fishy here.

Rape, murder and the likes of such crimes are treated as pretty serious. and the makers of the law realized the pressure tactics that can be used by the perpetrators/ accused/ guilty to make sure that such crimes are unpunished. Now, what happens here in such crimes is this: when a person complains about rape, the police has no choice, but to investigate and reach a conclusion. Such reports simply cannot be withdrawn. let me repeat this: such complaint simply cannot be withdrawn. They cannot be compromised/ settled between the parties. There is no way a woman/ complainant to go to court and say that I am withdrawing my complaint. This simply cannot be done. In legalese, the offense is non-compoundable.

so how did this woman withdraw the complaint ? beyond me. but frankly the finger would be raised at the judge. and the lawyers too.


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