Building collapse in Delhi : Rights of tenants

Rights of the tenant in poor locality

Recently a tragic event took place in Delhi. A building collapsed in East Delhi. As per the prima facie evidence available, it appears that the building’s structure had weakened due to the excessive rains that took place earlier this year. My present blog entry is only to the extent that the law does protect these tenants from living in filthy and dangerous conditions. If only these guys had approached the lawyers or had sought legal help.

There is a statute. Delhi Rent Control Act. The act protects tenants from being exploited by the landlord. It covers all cases where the rent of a certain premises is below 3500/-.

Here is the interesting part. If the premises are unfit for living. Which obviously these premises were, the tenants could have asked the landlord to repair the premises and the take possession of the premises after the same have been repaired. The landlord by law had to give the premises back to the tenant. If he did not, the tenant had legal remedies available to him.

Also if the Delhi Police have booked the landlord for Culpable Homicide not amounting to murder, he would still be convicted maximum for negligence. Anything else and it would mean that all this is nothing but a sham.


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