The Problem with Rainmaker

Rainmaker – a legal services provider firm (as opposed to a legal services firm) with some of the best legal brains in the country running the business. A business does well when it has competitors and gets customers from a fair approach. Howsoever brilliant one maybe, if this approach is not followed, then the company that gets the business is never going to succeed. Not to mention many people who would be envious of the whole process.

It is unclear how Rainmaker was selected by the Bar Council to conduct the Bar Examination. It doesn’t appear that there was a tender process. It doesn’t appear that anyone even had a whiff of what was happening when suddenly rainmaker came in the picture. Its another matter that Rainmaker has no experience at conducting this level of examination.

So how did Rainmaker get this job? I would want to be proved wrong, but at present it appears that it was a case where some people at the Bar Council decided on their own over lunch that Rainmaker is the best company to conduct these examinations.

If Rainmaker does pull it off, it would give the company an envious position of becoming one of the largest and might I add respected companies in the legal service provider arena. Remember Rainmaker already conducts classes for LPO and some other services. All such services which help a lawyer acquire certain skills which he would not in the course of his regular course of legal studies.

Anyways, at this stage, after another postponement of the Bar Examination, it appears (amongst other things) that Rainmaker is utterly incompetent to conduct such examinations and further that at present, is simply does not have the manpower with the requisite skill set to carry out the work.

Somehow I feel nice about this. Not because I have anything against Rainmaker. On the contrary, it’s a company that I respect. But for such a company to get work from the Bar council in a non-transparent manner is wrong. The sheer failure of Rainmaker to do this itself shows that right friends at the right places can be wrong!


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