Rakhi Sawant and Suicide

I mean how dumb can a person get. first you expect some one to come on television and make a fool of themselves before a national audience and later, if thats not enough you call the person impotent.

Call a spade a spade, but to call a man from a rural background, in India and that too on television – Impotent well is looking for trouble. In the US, the same would have led to a civil law suit for compensation. In our country unforunately we do not have such developed principles.

In the face of such insults and in the absence of a proper remedy in law being available, the poor chap did the only thing that he thought was right.

Now the family has filed a criminal complaint against Rakhi for abetment to suicide. I don’t know how much rakhi has abetted the suicide, but I do know that if Rakhi is convicted; so will the producers and the editors of the show.and here come a bit of the copyright law.

While Rakhi may host the show and whatever may happen is at the end of the day what she has said, what is broadcasted is at the end of the day the responsibility of the producers and the editors to finally decide what to broadcast.

In this case, the producers decided to broadcast the comments made my Rakhi. They could have edited it out or at the very least have the beep sound which is used when there are abuses spoken on television. In the presen case neither was done.

In these circumstances, what we see is a deliberate attempt to sensationalize the medical weakness of man from rural India. All for the sake of money. Now this man is no more.

If these guys are indeed convicted, I think such shows would automatically start to take precaution to respect the sensibilities of individuals.



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