The Next Step for Raj Thackerey

Am a North Indian, so ‘obviuosly’ I hate Raj Thackerey. Having said that, his situation is understandable and unsurprising. He is trying to portray himself as the rightful heir to Bal Thackerey. There is a general resentment of the migration that takes place in Mumbai from UP and Bihar and sweet Raj is encashing on the same. Bal Thackerey aimed at the Muslims and Raj Thackerey is aiming his ire at North Indians. But, frankly (and obviously) there is more to it than pure and genuine hatred against North Indians , isn’t it ?

For a person to make a mark in politics. He has to be  well versed, knowledgable, respected and a person who has achieved “something”. he is a lawyer, a general, an economist etc. etc. He would not be a ‘career’ politician. For a career politician, the rules of engagement are a bit different. He will have to put in an effort to get heard. and an ordinary speech will not do it. ordinary acts will not do it. and this is why many individuals who want to grab attention will have to take extreme right-wing stand to get heard. Raj Thackerey did just that. and surprise surprise, he is not the first one to do it. Even Barack obama, the ‘peace’ man did it. Watch this video and watch Raj Thackerey in this video

Both the above videos would show a right-wing thinking. It is required for getting attention, but has a negative impact in the long run. Raj Thackerey cannot stop the North Indian from coming to Maharashtra, and any effective measures in this regard will only increase the hatred for Marathis in North India. So what is the way forward for Raj.

For one, from the election and the dismal performance of the SS-BJP, it doesn’t take rocket science to realize that Congress gained a lot from the vote division between MNS and SS-BJP. MNS entered the legislature. the question is now what. The answer is pretty simple. Shift from Right wing politics towards the center and focus on development. Show to the people that MNS is a genuine party that cares about development and other related issues and is not just focussed on beating up hapless Biharis. If Raj Thackerey is able to carry on this transformation, he would indeed become to dominating force in Marathi Politics. Easily sidelining the SS or the BJP.


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