Hyderabad Acid attacker’s encounter – justice or failure of justice ?

At the time of writing this post, one of the victims of the attack was still in the ICU, her conditions was stated to be critical. Talk about the timing of the murder of the youth by the police ! Just about a day ago, the newspapers had reported about Justice Katju’s outburst against the Bombay High Court’s acquital in an acid attack case, where the high court had reduced the sentence of the accused to the term of imprisonment already undergone, but increased the fine imposed to Rs 20,000. Justice Katju was predictably appalled. He affirmed the sentence passed by the trial court and directed the accused to undergo complete sentence of three years. 

So if the judiciary is so apt in convicting the accused in such a heinous attack what was the pressure on the Police to “bring the accused the justice” ? The answer according to me lies in the question itself. The Judiciary is simply not apt enough to punish. or to bring the accused to the book. And frankly even a three year term for an acid attack that would scar a girl for the rest of her life is simply not enough. 

In our society, we are so divided, so vastly divided that if an event occurs that does not effect us, we put in no effort to improve it. Unfortunately, Judiciary in India suffers from such a defect. How many of us can name some of the top SC lawyers? And how many of us can name a good trial court lawyer ? The legal fraternity just like many aspects of the society in our country is nothing but top heavy. and unfortunately Justice and infact lot of other really meaningful work is done not in the upper strata of society but rather in the lower rungs of it. 

The accused in this case would have been brought before the court, to whom this case is nothing more than another file number another accused and another victim. A low priority case, as it did not involve any high profile name. Is it any wonder that today people don’t believe they would get justice ? 

If we had a judiciary that would pay more regard to the plight of the victims, if we had a government that would pay attention to improve the infrastructure, then the reciprocity from the people would be that there would be a population that would believe in the legal system. that unfortunately is not the case. So what we have is the concept of “instant justice” Haul up the accused and punish him then and there. The acid attacker learnt about the effectiveness of this system the hard way. It is another matter that this method has been practised, and done away with more than a century ago as being ineffective.

If the legal system is not overhauled, then such kind of incidents would only increase. and unfortunately so will increase the reports of police brutality. I am not saying that the murder of the three youth was wrong. After all there murder would deter would be attackers from carrying out such attacks. Thus achieving one of the goal of Criminal penal system!


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