Pakistan imploding


how long will this remain like this

Let’s see, there is this nation that was created out of a false belief that the Muslims in India will be misttreated and therefore a nation of muslims cut out from the sub-sontinent is required. There was a belief that the Hindus would not treat the Muslims well.

And then Narender Modi did not prove them wrong. Not to say that all Hindus support what happened in Gujarat. Am sure the carnage against the muslims was simply for reasons that in the eyes of some justified the riots. but then again, the last time I checked, we had a democratic set up where the rule of law is supreme. That this does not happen is another debate. Anyways we are discussinig Pakistan here.

When the insurgency began in Kashmir, one of the earliest deaths, was of an Air force officerr. If I remember correctly, it was one sqaudron leader Khanna. Fresh out of Staff college in wellington. He got what was called a “choice posting.” He was shot dead waiting for a Army bus to take him to his office. There were debates, counter debates and thanks to a bureaucracy that is the worst in the world, no concrete action that was taken.

Soldiers were sent, of course, to fight the insurgents. But over the period of time the insurgency grew. And the soldiers and the civilians kept dying. One mistake which the Pakistan Army did was that it did not figure out that India is “really” rule by the bureaucrats. Not by the soldiers, or the civilians or even by the policians. India was being attacked again and again, Pakistan hoping for a beligirent reaction from India. An event just waiting to happen in the aftermath of the 1971 war. (India should have destroyed the pakistan army, just like US did after the WW2 to Japan and Germany) What Pakistan was doing was what would be expected of an injured nation that was anyways created out of hatred of India. Alas, whereas India acted incompetent, pakistan suffered from the ills of what is now being called “reverse indoctrination”

What happens when you send good soldiers, secular soldiers to indoctrinate people to give uo their lives, in the name of religion when the real motive is actually political? the people believe you and give up thier lives because you told them that dying in the right thing to do. The Americans trained Pakistan to train the Afghans to fight the Soviets. Soviets fled Afghanistan. and there existed a huge army of soldiers who would give up their lives for a cause of “discriminated” muslims. All under the control of the Pakistan. And we have a huge surge in the insurgeny in Kashmir. Trained militiamen, who are supposedly fighting a religious fight which is for all practical purpose a political fight taken to a perverted level by Pakistan. One wonders, Pakistan was created out of hatred of India. Look at it today. Economically backward. No economy. Takes a loan from IMF. being called a safe haven by the world. and having to lump it all.

So the question. Can Pakistan recover ? short answer No.

Long answer: Pakistan was created out of hatred. Not out of politcal compulsions, but hatred. Hatred the Muslims had for the Hindus. and lo and behold. apparently muslims hate christians and jews too. not to mention, not one nation in the world with a large muslim population is democratic. Pakistan consists of many distinct regions and communities. Pakistan is just about half a century old. its poor and has failed in almost all the aspects of society. It has no economy to talk of. It is being treated as a state with safe havens to the terrorists. And has today at least mare than 1/3rd of the nation outside the control of the government or the army. and of course it is fighting an unpleasant war with the enemies of the United States. as thing stand today as long as the Americans support the Pakistan Army, the army being well armed and well paid there will be no problem. But once the US does stop this. and there are reasons for US to stop, nothing, and absolutely nothing will prevent the Pakistan Civil society from collapsing. The tribal Areas are traditionally quiet free. Pakistan has nothing to trade for. It is just another market. Its not rich in resources. and its products, artistically speaking are not going to be appreciated outside of India much. For Pakistan to exist as a stable country it would be required that it co-operates with India and frankly does exactly what India wants it to do. If this does not happen then there exists no reason for Pakistan not to impode under its own weight.


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