the attacks will not stop

The attacks, which have rocked India for so long be it the present Cong govt. or the BJP led govt. will not stop. the reasons are simply as Nik Gowing of the BBC said during his coverage of the attacks, and that being the bureaucracy that exists in India.

Lets start with understading how governance works.

Governance has many parts, it includes the police, the bureaucracy, the soldiers, the education development, the media  and of course the finances. Now in all these sectors, if you look at, the best sectors are those in which there is no political interference or the interference is at the minimum. It is only those fields of the governance where the political interference is most or rather there is an effort to make sure that this wing of the government does not grow too big for its to be handled. it is this fear that has resulted in the administrative wing trying to show its superiority complex over various other government wings such as the Army or the police.

It is beyond comprehension why when the government is to give out salary, there is a disparity in the salary of  civil servants and other services of the government. A same ranking civil servants gets far more than the amount as salary than an officer of the armed forces or other services as compared to the civil services. Why ? The only reason one can think of, is the superiority complex which the civil servants have over others. This superiority complex is resulting in a cockeyed system where those services such as the police or the armed services which are as important as the civil services are treated as subservient to the civilians. whats more, only a policeman or a soldier because of him being so, can best represent the proper state of the two important wings. this definitely is not the case here. History is filled with examples where those having no knowledge of handling security messing up big time. The present example of the bureaucracy trying to rule over the country is a perfect scenario.

Unless the changes are made at the top, starting right at the bureaucratic level, forget the politicians, they will get their dose at the elections. thse kinds of attacks will keep happening. An attack on the families of the bureaucrats is imminent, if they don’t reform the governance structure in this country. Pakistan is the hotbed of terrorist activities, it is slowly getting out of control of even the ISI and the Army. We are not able to answer the Naxal issue properly, how will we be able to answer this only through bureaucracy is beyond me.

Start giving the soldier some well deserved and long overdue respect or keep facing such attacks. the day when the bureaucrats are also attacked is not far. learn from the recent attacks, India is one nation, start seeing it as that. The civil services are not immune from the impact of terrorism.


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