mumbai attacks

Where is Sanjay Dutt ? Where is the actor these days ?

He was convicted for having an assault rifle. He said that he needed the rifle for his self defence. does he know how to use it ? if yes where did he learn it ? if no, then how in his dead father’s name was he going to use such a complicated piece of weapon. the shameful part was not that he came up with the plea that he needed an assault rifle to defend him. but that the judge believed him. if i had to defend myself I would have used a pistol, taken up bodyguards. but an assault rifle ? Mr. Dutt if you ever read this do remember, that it is people like you, because of whom events like these attacks happen. I wish you the worst in life. You were part of the group responsible for the bomb blasts in Mumbai. I don’t have words to write here that would portray my immense hatred to you.

Where is Raj Thackerey ? where is this politician ?

The man in the name of power went to raise an absolutely non-existential issue, was absent from the scene. could he not, in the name of helping the victims provided some sort of voluntary assistance to the cops, hospital or the like ?

Where is amar singh and Mulayam singh yadav ?

What happened to their pro-Muslim banter ? I mean am sure this operation was also similar to the one in Batla House ? The only people these two jokers are interested in are themselves. I will not be surprised if after a few days, they come out with some statement or the other providing some kind of compensation or the other to the terrorists. Mark my words, that guy saif, caught Red-handed by the police in Batla house, will run elections on an SP ticket, very soon.

where is Arundhati Roy ? preparing for her next article as to how the human rights of the terrorists were violated ? ( I am guessing, one of her arguments would be, that the security never tried to capture the terrorist alive. well, I mean she has a point. so what if they were more armed than ten soldeirs taken together. She has a point you know) ( and please don’t forget to mention here, why we don’t need Narender Modi as the next Cabinet Minister, and by all means, please do call it knee jerk reaction. After all after the death of 3,500 people, getting a right wing party to power when the Cong has been utterly incompetent, would be knee jerk, wouldn’t it.)

This lady writes so beautifully, so beautufully, I mean its like the most artistic piece of crap on the side of the road that you will see. It is crap, unfortunately. Somebody please tell her.

You know, we as a society will have to reform ourselves. But frankly I dont know if that is possible anymore. The person who comes in power is the most prone to abuse it. I fail to understand how a civil servant with very limited knowledge of security issues can take care of security issues. Why is it that the bureaucrat is hell bent on making the bureaucracy superior to other services of the government. why is it that a man who clears an exam in his twenties is considered to be the best bet for countries future for the rest of his life. One can understand the politicians, they are self centered rascals.(Barring a few) but why why is the civil services doing so ? A country cannot be run by bureaucracy alone. Accept it. and start the reform, and please start before the world starts to disrespect India. Don’t let this cancer spread.

There are so many people who want ot harm India, why blame any specific group for such an attack. We as Indians are not united. The politicians only fight to remain in power. the civil servants have made all the power to flow from them. anybody who ever gets power, never uses it for the welfare of the people for whom he has got the power. he only thinks of himself.


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