why terrorism will not stop in india

The dastardly act of what is happening in Mumbai, was summed up by my brother. Is it Somalia or India ? Flag March by the Army in Mumbai ? what is wrong with India.

If I have to point out what is wrong with India, and why we are not able to stop terrorism in India, I can sum up the same in few thoughts which come up at this time.

  1. The decision makers are never attacked or killed. so they are safe, whatever be the state of the citizens. Rajiv Gandhi, being a notable exception, but look how is party has turned out to be. hopefully, after the death of some high ranking civil servants in the recent blasts, this pretty strong lobby stop feling like untaouchables and really does something about terrorism.
  2. The political parties bicker among themselves. Cong has to appease Muslims. BJP has to hate (maybe exterminate?, I dont know) muslims. It is simply shocking for the men who attacked the parliament and are on death row to be alive. More shocking is LKA saying that the lady Pragya Thakur is as innocent as a dove. WOW ! who do i vote for ?
  3. The real reason behind terrorism attacks, be it a foreign country, a religion, an ehnic group is never answered. and if answers are known, nothing is done. more so because in maority of the cases, the decision makers, that is the politicians or the civil servants are not killed. till the time either the issues are properly resolved, or forced to be resolved (which  i am sorry to state, will happen only if by some unfortunate event, either politicians or civil servants are victims of such attacks) we will see such carnage.
  4. Politicians like Rahul Gandhi, who in my opinon after the tragedies in his family should have taken a tough stance on terrorism have unfortunately appear to be utterly incompetent.  this guy has everything everything on a plater before him, but he simply does not give this appearance of being a good leader.
  5. The judiciary, well, as long as it is seen something as an institute that we must have, as opposed to an institute that needs to be deeply ingrained in our society, we are going to have problems. it is simply incomprehensible, that the trial courts where almost all the cases begin are nothing more than a slum in most part of the nation. In some parts of the nation the records are still being maintained in the same manner as before 1947. How in this scenario does the enforcement mechanism of the anti terrorism laws take effect.

Frankly I have never felt more disgusted being an Indian.


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