the organ failure of the Indian society

one thing that has been bothering me for some time is this nonsense of the sixth pay commission and the difference in the pay structure of the defence establishment and the civil establishment.

before i go into the details of the same, one must know the background with which the government treats the armed forces and how the same are treated around the world.

a bit of history. do you know which is one of the biggest empires the world has ever seen? in my little knowledge of history its the roman empire. now roman empire lasted for almost a thousand years. and you know what it was mandatory for a roman citizen to seven in the Roman Army.

when europe started to colonise the world, they did so not on the basis of their niceties but rather on the basis of their sheer brute military power.

be it any nation in the world, present day US, Russia, China, UK, France and even a tiny country like Israel, are all respected among other reasons for their sheer military might. you read literature, history, government policies, all of them have some or the other plans, thoughts, which favour the man in the uniform. why is it that this is not so in India. why is it that the civil servants and the political leadership of india refuses to acknowledge the importance of the armed forces ?

when the political leadership can waive farmer loans of more than 60,000 crores, surely the moentary demands of the soldeirs are not unreasonable and are definitely not beinf denied on the grounds of lack of resources. the only reason, the only logical reason why such stepmotherly treatment are being meted out to the armed forces is because that the civil services are hell bent on making the armed forces subservient to them.can i draw an analogy ?

the human body consists of many organs, is there any organ which is less important than the other ? at present no. the lack or the dysfunctioning of any of the organ / body part will result in the body not performing well.

if we treat India as a human body, we must realise that the mistreatment of its soldeirs will result in a dysfunctional society. you cannot have a society which gives most of the resources to a certain section of the government namely the civil services and ignores the rest.  if we do not address this soon enough then we will have a nation which has a very very cockeyed and imbalanced society. and this will not be good.

i will be different from other people having an opinion on this. in a way that i will give solutions for this problem

1. have at least six seats in the lok sabha which are elected from the armed forces. as the armed forces are spread across many constituencies the soldeir obviously cannot have a voice, giving them voice by making various political parties fight for their votes will make a difference,

2. give the option to the soldeirs to leave the services if they wish to. at present the policies simply do not allow soldeirs to leave.

3. reform the civil services so that we have some some intelligent and practical people running the show.

lastly if india has to make an impact worldwide then it would have to give more importance to its forces. that unfortunately is a reality. since the time man has walked on the planet, he has used force. we have not yet reached a level of civilisation where we can ignore this requirement.


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