the battle of georgia

simple info in simple words as to whats happening in georgia

here’s the thing. we have what we call an erstwhile Soviet Union. Union because it consisted of many republics.

Lovely georgia being one of them. so the soviet union collapses, and the republics are treated as independent countries and obviously, as US has loads of money they choose US money for their friendship. US us more than willing to have them on their side.

so anyways, georgia has regions which it got from russia. two of these regions being Abhkazia and south ossetia. (north being with Russia) these regions say, we dont want to be part of georgia and declare independence from georgia, about almost 10 years ago.

now as we all studied, to be recognized as state, we need – 1. region, 2. population 3. government, 4. international recognition. and one more thing which i dont remember off hand. will update this later

south ossetia and abkazia, had all the ingredients of a state except international recognition. EU, US as well as most of the world refused to recognise these regions as anything except as part of georgia. Except Russia of course.

the president of georgia, a democratically elected leader, vowed to rein back administrative as well as political control of these regions. so he sent his army to get control of these regions. Russia it seems, was waiting for this moment and lauched a counter attack and the georgians had to beat a hasty retreat. hmm……

basically some show of strength of who the boss is, in russia’s backyard. Georgia was being seen as a very strong ally of US. something the russians were not very comfortable with.

you know why russia will get away with this without any repercussions ? one because of the big guns it has. and two because it controls a massive supply of oil going into europe. anybody trying anything funny, and the oil is cut.

one open question to mr. george bush and his administration. when you attack iraq and the whole world says please dont do so. it is right. but when russia attacks georgia you say its wrong.

tell you what mr bush. a man and a government which breaks every international law and takes pride in doing so, has no business in telling others what’s right and whats wrong. you sir, are a perfect example of a man with immense talent who just wasted it all.


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