the miscarriage

a really small write up to my previous post.

the bhc said no abortion. ok cool. no abortion. a miscarriage takes place. technically against the bhc ruling?

yes and no. yes, as, if an investigation/ inquiry is launched in this regard, and it is found that in fact it was an abortion which is being termed as an miscarriage, it would be trouble. but as i said in the previos post. no one has the time and the energy to go into this kind of an investigation. the bombay couple would have been wiser have not gone to the bhc in the first place. I still cant figure out why they went there in the first place. thought they could create legal history ? don’t they know that legal history takes time, definitely more than nine months. I sincerely wonder what there motivation was.

secondly, i was wondering, if i was the judge what would my decision been ? and after a long thought, i have come to the conclusion, that as a judge i would have dismissed the case without deciding the same. i would not have decided in favour of the abortion, as that would have in my mind meant death. i would not have said no abortion, as that would have ((may be) resulted in life worse than death for the baby.

the parents would have been the best judge in this case. and in this specific case, i guess the child did not have the destiny to see the light of the day.


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